Intueri Group

The word, Intueri is a Latin word that is the basis of the word, Intuition.  The idea is that through training and building good habits, the individual will be able to respond to situations quicker and more efficiently without having to think through the process because it will be ingrained.  Rob Pincus of ICE Training Company summarized this idea in the Warrior Expert Theory which says that “through frequent and realistic training, you can learn to use the power of recognition to respond more efficiently.” Recognition is the mark of the expert.

Intueri Group is a company that makes Your Company operate better. We help you grow in efficiency which results in more profits. We help you streamline your processes and workflow. We help train or retrain your greatest assets (your people) to be as effective as possible. We help strengthen your staff through team building, seminars, and on-on-one sessions. With expertise in financial services, insurance, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, transportation, logistics, security, and service industry, we are more than equipped to help your company grow.

We save companies thousands of dollars as we find hidden profits, we save the cost of a full-time executive or executive team, and we help them run more efficiently. We also help create more functional teams and satisfied employees. This results in better workflow and more results.